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History and Content

Formed in 2010 and launched in 2011, Saving Content was the brainchild of Scott Ellison II and Ed Acosta. Together we decided that we wanted to have something unique and not just a clever and cute name. We are dedicated to bring factual, accurate news for you to read without questioning it’s source. Next, we write Editorials, Interviews, Videos of trailers and gameplay, and we have even started doing Podcasts. Lastly, and most importantly is our review system – which we pride ourselves on and people have enjoyed as a source of useful information in purchasing.

Review System

Reviewing a game is two-fold for us, meaining it deserves two scores: one for the quality of the game and one for the value. A game can be good quality, but short and therefore not worth it’s full value. Or a game can be worth it’s value, but not of great quality – a rare but plausible scenario. The quality is on a 5-point scale, used in star form. The value is given in relation to the quality and will always reflect MSRP at the time of review.

What are Quasi-Reviews then?

Quasi means “almost”. For certain reasons, we cannot score an MMO as it is constantly evolving and may improve or degrade over time. Or if we can’t finish a game, but want to give our thoughts up until the point we stopped, we post a Quasi-Review – giving our point of view with our time playing a game, still providing useful information as best as we can.

Thank You

We are happy with what we have done. Over the past year and a half, we have grown so far due to people like you who visit us daily and come to us when we have the big news or most importantly, giveaways! So thank you.


If you are a developer, publisher, or PR group and want us to check out your game – contact us at staff[at]savingcontent[dot]com. Or if you just want to provide feedback or ask us questions, use the Feedback tab on the left.


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