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Magrunner announces Early Access on Steam with a New Screenshot

June 11, 2013


A week from its release on PC,  Magrunner Dark Pulse, the action/physics game, is proud to present an impressive image of Lovecraftian horror by Frogwares Studio.

In the run-up to release, Magrunner is playable today as an Early Access version on the Steam digital download service for players who have preordered the game:

Gamers can use this playable version to plunge headlong into the Magtech space research training program. Equipped with their glove utilizing Gruckezber’s technology, they must find their way through the first 12 rooms of a massive training center full of puzzles and physical obstacles. This is a tantalizing glimpse into the many mechanics of Magrunner and the start of a tense plot full of twists and turns with a devilish twist created by the authors at Frogwares.

What was supposed to be a space program financed by a large corporation quickly turns into a living nightmare, a descent into hell from which no one will emerge unscathed.

[box_light]The early access version will become the full game on June 20, 2013, the official launch date of Magrunner on PC. The title will be released on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in September 2013.[/box_light]

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