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Scourge: Outbreak has Amp on Echo Squad, do not underestimate her

June 7, 2013

Orphaned as a child and exiled as a fugitive, Amp is driven by the darkness of her deep-seated past. She was raised by a wealthy business man rumored to have Russian Mafia connections, who suspiciously disappeared after trading black market tech with the Nogari Corporation. Formerly a skiptracer and bounty hunter, she turned to mercenary work at age 21 before going off the grid shortly after. But Amp’s mysterious dark side has brought her close to death on numerous occasions. She’s after Nogari because they hold the secret to her survival.

Combining rogue-like agility with the control of an assassin, Amp’s strength lies in her cunning abilities and supreme endurance. Her sleek physique is tuned for speed and tactility, so she’s fairly effective in hand-to-hand combat. She’s also one of the team’s finest at handling recoil, granting her deadly force when using the Firefly weapon. Offering range and support, her Ambrosia Suit’s large Dynamic Shield is excellent for protecting allies while advancing under fire. Although her Dynamic Shockwave isn’t Echo Squad’s most powerful, it maintains the furthest range, making it exceptional for killing enemies behind cover.

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