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Play Nimbus reveals the Caveman Era for upcoming mobile game, Wobbles

June 7, 2013

Today, Play Nimbus reveals the first world (called “eras”) in their upcoming mobile game, Wobbles. In Wobbles, you play as a godly figure, guiding a line of creatures across a landscape that you manipulate with various gadgets. As you progress, you move your Wobbles forward through the eras and advance their civilization.

In the first era that we are revealing today, the Caveman Era, players will be able to utilize the first gadget, fire. The fire will light the Wobbles on fire, causing them to spring to new heights when they come across terrain that is just too high for them to climb.

The Caveman Era not only acts as the introduction to the game, but as the cornerstone to all future eras. Players will find themselves re-using the introductory mechanics from it as they progress their Wobbles’ civilization, unlocking new eras, each with new mechanics.

Wobbles is currently in development by Play Nimbus, in conjunction with Mass DiGI, after winning the “Best Entertainment Game” award at the Mass DiGI Game Challenge in March. It will be released later this summer on iOS and Android phones and tablets.


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