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MechWarrior Online update brings the new ‘FireBrand’ JagerMech hot off the mechanical press

June 5, 2013

A brand new Hero Mech variant version of the JagerMech is now available for pyro-inclined pilots today as Piranha Games pulled back the curtain on the Firebrand JM6-FB. Known for its palace-breaking abilities, the Firebrand is also famous for being an absolute nightmare to face across open areas as its combination of dual PPCs and dual AC/2s mean that any Mech caught in the open will be absolutely wrecked in mere seconds. Additionally, pilots now have an all-new camo pattern to deck out their Mech during heavy combat! If you’ve ever wanted to give your beloved machine the look of a WW2 American tank, try the new “Sherman” pattern now available in the Mech Lab.

A brand new trailer for the Firebrand also debuted today, showcasing the wreckage this 65 ton Mech can do when faced with hostile opponents:


Additionally, four incredibly dangerous trial Mechs are also available in today’s content update for pilots itching to test out some new artillery:

  • Spider SDR-5D
  • Hunchback HBK-4P
  • Cataphract CTF-4X
  • Atlas AS7-RS

As always, these trial Mechs are 100 percent free and available to any and all pilots who want to try different lance combinations and battle strategies before hitting the Inner Sphere to cause ultimate carnage against enemies.

A host of other gameplay enhancements also went live today, and the full update of interface tweaks and performance boosts can be found here:

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