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Impire Now Availble for Pre-Order, Playthrough Video Released

February 5, 2013


Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and meddler in impish affairs, has announced the release date for Impire, the upcoming dungeon strategy game from suitably deadly developer Cyanide Studio Montreal. Impire, which traps players in the not-so-intimidating form of a scheming imp and then tasks them with overtaking an entire kingdom, will be launching on February 14 for $19.99. Paradox is now taking pre-orders for Impire at, and will impart impressive impetuses for those impatient to impale their foes. (That means there are pre-order bonuses, you mortal buffoons.)

Two pieces of bonus DLC will be granted to players who pre-order Impire, including the “Creatures of the Night” pack, adding new fearsome monsters to their underground armies. Vicious Victorian Vampires will stalk the dungeon halls, walking their undead poodles, and nasty Medusas will stop enemies in their tracks. Plus, pre-orderers will be able to raise the demon of their choice with the “Black and White” pack, granting new in-game skins to their Imp – a sinister, pale white, or the darkest shade of black.

The first-ever playthrough for Impire , dubbed “Imps Exposed”, has been unveiled today, showing several minutes of raw, uncut footage from the first scenario of the dungeon management title. Within the playthrough, players will get a glimpse at some of the base-management options and cutscenes, as well as a preview on how to dispatch troublesome humans who venture into theImpire.

Just but be warned – the sight of a demon worker scratching itself cannot be unseen. Click here, if you dare:

Watch Impire streamed live from the Paradox Tower on Thursday, Feb 7th at 7 p.m. GMT (11 a.m. PST), on Paradox’s channel:


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