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Emergency 2013, Looks Pretty Damn Cool

October 15, 2012

Don’t be confused by the screenshot titles. Emergency 2013 is actually Emergency 2012 + TONS OF STUFF. It’s a worst case scenario strategy game on PC from Quadriga Games. This game will answer apocalyptic scenarios like: What if a volcano erupted in Sweden?

Official Press Release:

Sixteen Tons Entertainment and Deep Silver are currently working on hot missions for fans of rescue strategy games – with Emergency 2013, a new installment to the Emergency series, is currently in the works. 

Emergency 2013 offers owners of Emergency 2012 a campaign with four new missions: A large volcano is about to erupt – all over Europe, magma currents must be diverted. The rescue workers need to deal with forest fires, eruptions, toxic gases, and outraged citizens in order to save everyone from disaster. 

Emergency 2013 will be released as a downloadable campaign pack via digital distribution platforms (main game required), and as an edition complete with the new campaign and the contents of Emergency 2012 Deluxe. Deep Silver and Quadriga Games will release Emergency 2013 for Windows PC on November 9, 2012. For more information, visit

Box Art:



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